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Historically, many owner-managed businesses have had to look to national accounting firms in order to receive quality tax advice.  We recognize that the national firms can provide access to a broad array of resources.  Unfortunately, the cost of having these services available is reflected in the fees they charge for even the smallest tasks.  Additionally, the entrepreneur will often take a backseat to the firm’s larger clients.  

As an alternative, many companies have looked to the ‘full-service’ local accounting firms.  While these firms are typically more responsive than their national counterparts, our experience finds this type of firm focuses more on the delivery of accounting services, (the compilation and review of financial statements), and provides only token business or tax advisory services.  

In contrast to the options above, our team of personal business advisors at Falcone, Listwan & O’Neil are specifically trained in the areas of taxation and the healthcare industry.  As tax specialists and healthcare advisors, we can help unravel the tangle of tax laws and regulations so that you can take advantage of hidden opportunities to save money.  We are dedicated to people like you: decision-makers in owner-managed companies.